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Komunikace Granite Sound GS-STB1 In-Line Strobe Light

Výrobce Granite Sound
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The GS-STB1 is an in-line strobe light compatible with any of the Granite Sound intercom systems. When a call signal is sensed, the unit will produce a high power visual light from the strobe mounted on the top and also a more direct, focus light from the bright LED on the front. An all steel enclosed, beltpack style chassis boasts supreme protection to the LED on the front and will prevent any issues from accidental damage. The GS-STB1 can be connected at any point in the communications line with female and male XLRs on the rear to allow a daisy chain communication style. A simple-to-use switch on the rear determines whether the unit flashes ‘Strobe’ on the top, ‘LED’ on the front or ‘Both’ Strobe and LED at the same time. – Robust – Convenient Selection Switch – High Power Strobe and LED – In-Line Connection – Reliable The GS-STB1 is available in 5 different colours to suit any application. Amber, Green, Blue, White and Red.

Výrobce Granite Sound