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Komunikace Granite Sound GS-CMU1 Intercom Monitor Unit

Výrobce Granite Sound
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Delivering excellent sound quality, the GS-CMU1 has been designed to ensure clear communication. Offering audio visual alerts, together with channel monitoring, this unit can be connected into the communication line at any point. When a call signal is sensed, the GS-CMU1 will produce a high power flash at approximately one flash per second from the Xenon beacon mounted on the top. The GS-CMU1 can also be switched to produce an audible tone to attract users that a call is being made. In addition, the GS-CMU1 can be used as a monitor loudspeaker to listen to the other users on a selected interom channel. The volume override control will set the monitor speaker volume at a higher level when a call is being made, overriding the normal monitor volume setting. The GS-CMU1 is normally used during pre-production set up or when the ambient noise is such that the beacon can attract users with a powerful visual presence. – Clear – Bright – Powerful – Precise Sound Quality – Hardwearing Construction

Výrobce Granite Sound