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Komunikace Granite Sound GS-CMS2 Wired Master Station

Výrobce Granite Sound
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The GS-CMS2 Master Station can be used with up to 16 outstations, and enables 2-channel – A, B, and A+B – while maintaining complete independence between the channels. Easy-to-access controls enable effortless operation. The GS-CMS2 gives the operator control over several functions which are common to the whole system. Both power and audio are supplied via six, three pin male XLR connectors with three connectiors per channel, plus, a four pin male XLR connector for headset connection, volume control, side tone adjustment and a Push to Talk (PTT) switch. There is an additional line input via a three pin female XLR on the rear panel (with screwdriver leve adjustment) and a switch to route the signal to wither or both channels. – Power – Microphone/headset input – Auxiliary input – Channel call/talk – Volume

Výrobce Granite Sound