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Komunikace Granite Sound GS-CCU4 Portable Intercom Unit

Výrobce Granite Sound
Kód produktu 5767
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The GS-CCU4 is an easy to set up and low cost intercom system at entry level. The unit has been designed to offer many features found in Granite Sound’s professional intercom system range, at the lowest price possible without unacceptable concessions. This entry level product is aimed at the first time user and those working within a tight budget where a simple, efficient and expandable portable intercom system is required. The GS-CCU4 can operate from the mains via an AC mains adaptor or can functionally operate for days using AA batteries. This 6-way intercom system is a simple-to-set-up solution – perfect for novice users or smaller systems. Headsets are plugged directly into the unit, removing the need for complicated or confusing cabling. With the addition of a splitter box for the headsets, this unit will comfortably support 6 users.

Výrobce Granite Sound